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eMarket Assistant provides automated marketing solutions. Most of our products can be customized to a variey of vertical markets. Here you will find specific examples dedicated to both the automotive and real estate markets.

eMarket Assistant offers a complete set of Social Networking services. Our goal is to present you or your business in a custom and unique way that will encourage others to friend, fan, or follow you. We will then use our programming and data management services to promote your products and services, driving revenue and fostering loyal customers.

Silent Salesperson is a phone and text messaging system driven by advertising on vehicles, in newspapers, on the web, and through other media outlets.  A sample dealer has seen results as strong as a vehicle sale per day through the system, and average sales above a vehicle sale every other day. One dealer closed 270 deals in a 12 month period ending in January 2010.  If you average $1000 per vehicle, that's $270,000 generated directly through Silent Salesperson.

REQuest is a phone, text, and web based solution for those looking to market a home for sale.  It is available to real estate agents, REALTORS, and individuals.  This product allows consumers to obtain information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while allowing agents to take time off without missing leads.

Once our system is configured for your needs, everything happens automatically. You don't have to remember, take time out of your day, or worry about availability.  Consistent, accurate information is available to customers and prospects when they want it, and the system will drive happy consumers to you again and again.

To request custom services for your personal or business needs, please Contact Us. To learn more about our products for the automotive or real estate markets, please follow the appropriate links. Don't hesitate to make a custom request!

Silent Salesperson - Live Demo
Silent Salesperson Window Sticker
Sample VIN numbers include 123456,234567,345678,456789.
If you call from a cell phone, you can request a text message as well.
REquest - Live Demo
REquest Sign

Call 1-866-461-6286 for a no-cost, no obligation, demonstration of the REquest Real Estate system.

Sample Street address: "123 Main St". If you call from your cell phone, you will be able to request a text message with property information, and a link to the mobile flyer.